Work as a Personal Shopper!

A side job that is fun and easy to do!

With an average remuneration of €100 per hour invested!

To do only once a month and be able to save or treat yourself!

1 Remuneration

  • Average of €90 for regular service.
  • Average of €750 for special service.
  • Average service time 2 hours (90 min store, 30 min packaging for courier).
  • Average number of services per month: 1.

2 What does the work consist of

  • Get a service when you have free time (you will manage it with your manager on WhatsApp).
  • Follow the instructions of your manager throughout the entire process/service.
  • Go to Luxury Stores to buy the product(s).
  • Send the products to our office (the courier will pick them up at your home).
  • Get paid and repeat!

3 Why are you going to like it?

  • Super Flexible schedule: do the work when you have free time.
  • Super easy: get the order and buy the product.
  • Not Stress: repeat it once per month.
  • Your extra income for all your life: work as many years as you want, no limit.

4 What do you need

  • To live in the main European capitals as a resident for at least 5 years (Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Luxembourg, Munich, Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, etc.)
  • To have a Good Presence/Look.
  • To speak English.
  • To have a main job and financial stability.
  • To have family and general stability.
  • To be older than 35 years old.

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Jean Leroux

“I see it as a challenge and a way to improve my skills and to keep growing in my career; I really like to be helpful to people to achieve their goals while I can organize my time and work with a great team”.

selling luxury goods online

Martina Bianchi

“I like to shop for myself, but I also like to advise friends on what suits them the most. I like the luxury environment and everything linked to fashion. I can have flexible work hours and it gives me a sense of adventure every time”.

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Laura Rodríguez

“I think this makes you part of the fashion industry, makes you creative and persuasive. I’ve really learned a lot from working as a Concierge Assistant during these past few years”.

Find Work-Life Balance: Explore the Rewarding World of a Personal Shopper!

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Personal shopper: How to work at the personal shopper agency

If you want to get a new extra job in which you can earn an extra income each month without having to work many hours a day, we want to show you how you can create a good stream of extra money by getting a personal shopper job and  going shopping a couple of times a month.

Learn everything about this job and how to work as a personal shopper at the Personal Shopper Agency. Don’t miss out and read on!

  1. What is a personal shopper?
  2. Types of personal shoppers
  3. What do you do as a personal shopper?
  4. What are the services of a personal shopper?
  5. Is it illegal to be a personal shopper?
  6. Is it hard to be a personal shopper?
  7. What do you need to work as a personal shopper?
  8. Which are the basic skills to be a personal shopper?
  9. Can I be a personal shopper and have a regular job?
  10. How to become a personal shopper?
  11. How to earn money as a personal shopper?
  12. Who pays the most for personal shoppers?
  13. Benefits of working as a personal shopper
  14. How to work at the Personal Shopper Agency


What is a personal shopper?


A personal shopper is a professional who visits the official stores of luxury brands to purchase exclusive items for their clients. Personal shoppers go to the stores to offer a comfortable way for customers to get the items they want. These buyers are people with knowledge about fashion brands and their most coveted luxury accessories.

Personal shoppers are also dedicated to shipping the items to their clients' location, so that they can enjoy a complete VIP service, with all the comfort to purchase limited edition luxury items when they are not able to do it themselves.

Types of Personal Shoppers


Today there are many types of personal shoppers, mainly they are people who visit stores for their clients and they take care of the purchase process, as well as shipping. However, many types of personal shoppers do slightly different things. Here are the most common types of personal shoppers:

  • Luxury personal shopper: shoppers dedicated to visiting luxury stores to buy exclusive items for their clients.
  • Style personal shopper: specialized people in style and fashion, they create a new wardrobe for their clients and visit stores with them to purchase clothing.
  • Personal assistant and shopper: Personal assistants hired by busy people to manage their schedules and sometimes buy gifts or groceries for them.
  • Real estate personal shopper: a designated real estate professional that visits the properties with their client's interests in mind to pick the best option for them and buy a property.

Although there are very different types of personal shoppers, the luxury personal shoppers are highly sought-after and they are the ones that earn more money with less work per month. This is why the personal shopper job is considered to be the best-paid extra job of the moment.


What do you do as a personal shopper?


Working as a personal shopper entails helping VIP clients obtain the exclusive luxury products that they want in an easier way. This extra job is simple to carry out and it is made for people that want to get an additional source of income each month. So if you're asking yourself what do you do as a personal shopper, just bear in mind that is a job that can be done without qualifications of any sort and that you can incorporate into your regular work schedule without problems.

However, there are certain tasks that you must perform under the instructions of the clients, and these tasks include:

  • Understanding the instructions provided by the agency or clients
  • Visiting luxury brand stores and asking for the products that the client needs.
  • Creating a good relationship with each brands' sales people to obtain luxury items faster.
  • Shipping the products to the clients' destination using secure shipping companies.


What are the services of a personal shopper?


As we mentioned above, the personal shopper services can vary greatly depending on the type of personal shopper that you want to be, but if you wish to become a luxury personal shopper, there are certain services that you must provide to your clients. And if you work with a professional agency, it will be easier for you to provide these services, as you will only have to take care of buying and shipping the items under the given instructions.

The services that a personal shopper provides are the following:

  • Fast and easy purchase of exclusive accessories that are hard to buy at official stores.
  • Helping the client with suggestions and finding an alternative product if the one they need is not available.
  • Quick shipment of the valuable products straight to their location, providing a better and comfortable shopping experience.

Is it illegal to be a personal shopper?


The luxury market has been part of some controversial activities that have been very worrying, especially counterfeiting, theft of merchandise, and scams. This is why some luxury brands have spread misconceptions about anyone who operates with a different activity, such as luxury personal shoppers and luxury resellers, mainly because they only care for their own interests and exclusivity image.

However, personal shopping is not illegal, because it entails going to the stores to buy the products for the busy clients that don’t have the time to do it. Personal shoppers legally purchase the items and ship them to their clients to offer a VIP service, something that the customers are willing to pay for. This method of shopping does not threaten any intellectual property or trademark laws of the luxury brands.


Is it hard to be a personal shopper?



Not at all! This occupation involves buying high-end products on behalf of your clients, pieces that they may not have access to due to not having a purchase history at a particular luxury brand's store. This role is ideal for those who love fashion, enjoy interacting with people, have a keen sense of style, have a steady job, and want to generate additional income, and above all, for those who enjoy shopping.

The duration of each workday can vary, but generally, a personal shopper dedicates between 3 and 4 hours of a day every one or two weeks to receive instructions from the agency, visit the store or mall where it is located, make the purchase, and proceed with the delivery. As you can see, it's not a boring job, quite the opposite.

What do you need to work as a personal shopper?


Although the personal shopper job doesn’t require much experience in any field, certain things can help you do better at your job, and build a good relationship with salespeople from the luxury stores you are going to visit. Here are a few things that compose the ideal profile for a personal shopper candidate:

  • Live in any of the following European cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Lisboa, Bordeaux, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, Aix en Provence, Marseille, Cannes, Biarritz, Dublin, Luxembourg, Turin, Milan, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Munich, Stuttgart, Baden Baden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Prague, Amsterdam.
  • Speak English
  • Have a sense of style and fashion to dress
  • Good presence and communication skills
  • Knowledge about luxury brands and exclusive accessories (optional)


Which are the basic skills to be a personal shopper?



To be a personal shopper as part of our team, you should have certain skills, like the ability to follow instructions, relate in a friendly manner, communicate clearly, and be responsible. These four fundamental pillars will be very useful when you are in a shopping session, and you will soon see why.

It is crucial that you can remember and fully follow the instructions you receive from the agency because that will determine the success of your purchase, ensuring you acquire the correct item and make the shipment promptly and without errors. Remember that we are talking about high-end purchases, and a small mistake can be costly.

Effective, polite, well-mannered, and clear communication is also essential when providing personal shopper services. Salespeople at high-end fashion houses and boutiques know the brands' products better than anyone else. Engaging in a straightforward conversation with them and demonstrating your knowledge of the subject will instill confidence and assertiveness. This guarantees that you will do your job correctly, reducing the possibility of an error when choosing the entrusted product, making payments, or even when making the shipment.

All of the above is crowned with a strong sense of responsibility and honesty, as well as a desire to do your job very well. While it is true that being a personal shopper is not a highly complex job, it does not mean that it should not be done with attention to detail and a desire to excel. Trust us when we say that more than skills, these are values applicable to any occupation.


Can I be a personal shopper and have a regular job?


The answer is yes! Working as a personal shopper is completely compatible with any job, as long as you have at least two to three hours to spare on your week. Shopping as a personal shopper is relatively an easy task that can be done during weekends or after clocking out of your regular job, so anyone that works a full time job can also become a personal shopper. 

The best of all is that this job can easily complement some careers or ocupations that are also related to fashion, or that leave you enough time to go out, relax and go shopping to earn money. You can always complement your regular job or part-time job with being a personal shopper, and it will give you an extra source of income each month, that you can spend as you like or even invest it.

How to become a personal shopper?


If you're asking yourself: "How do I start being a personal shopper?" You need to know that being a personal shopper is easier than you think, mainly because you don’t need too much experience to go to luxury stores and purchase products for the clients. Personal shopping is a service you can provide on your own, or by being part of a personal shopping agency, a company that can have your back, find clients for you, and help you develop a VIP client profile.

If you want to start and you wonder how you can become a personal shopper, we offer you our free webinar for beginners, where you will learn everything about this personal shopper job and how it works, you will also learn more about the initiation process and gain some experience.

How to earn money as a personal shopper?



Do personal shoppers make money? If you’re looking for an extra job to earn additional money each month, we know that one of the most important things is to know how to earn money as a personal shopper. This is why we want to explain to you that by working on your own, it may be much harder to start and build a good base of clients and income, so it is recommended to team up with a personal shopper agency so that you can be part of a bigger company that has a solid client’s base and that can train you to become a fine shopper.

So, to earn money as a personal shopper, it is important to find the right spot to work and get training from a certified agency, this way you will surely earn money consistently each month with little work. The most important thing is that you remember that the personal shopper job is an extra activity to get additional money, it is not a full-time job or a part-time job.


Who pays the most for personal shoppers?


The personal shopper job is known to be a very lucrative career choice, and it is even considered one of the highest paid jobs nowadays. Mainly this is due to the type of clients it attracts, often being executives, business people and even celebrities, overall people that are busy and don't have the time to go to luxury stores and purchase the items themselves, so they don't have time to build a significant VIP profile at these stores.

This is why they rely on professional personal shoppers to help them get closer to the items they want, because it represents a service that provides them comfort, security, anonymity and a fast way to purchase their favorite fashion brand products. These important people are usually the ones that pay the most to get access to these services, and they are willing to pay whatever it takes. 

If you work as a personal shopper for an agency, such as The Personal Shopper Agency, you will work for these high profile clients that will request luxury products, this way you can earn enough for your services and seize your passion to go shopping.

Benefits of working as a personal shopper


If you get a personal shopper job at The Personal Shopper Agency, you will surely get many benefits from working on it. Here we want to share them with you so that you know it is worth it to work as a personal shopper. Pay attention!

  • Flexible schedule: You get to go shopping once or twice a month, during weekends, or whenever you can. The job adjusts to you!
  • High payment rate: For little work each month, you get paid an average of €100 per hour. It represents the highest-paid extra job of the moment, and it can even give you more.
  • Fun activity: You get to earn money by just going shopping, doing a relaxing activity that you enjoy.
  • Opportunities and promotions: You’re not only going to get an extra job but also the opportunity to grow on it and reach higher positions with higher pay.
  • Unite your loved ones: You may join your family and friends on the team of personal shoppers, so you can help them, spend quality time with them, and earn extra retribution for it.

How to work at the Personal Shopper Agency


The Personal Shopper Agency is a shopping service with 15+ years of experience, designed to offer comfort and exclusivity to its clients, to purchase the items they can’t easily obtain from luxury brands. The Personal Shopper Agency works closely with their personal shoppers to teach them how to become VIP clients of official stores and get the products faster than any other regular client.

If you consider yourself to be a perfect candidate for the personal shopper job at our agency, and you want to start working with us right away, we invite you to enter this link and fill out the form with your information, our Human Resources representatives will contact you as soon as possible for an interview.

Join our team of professional personal shoppers and earn extra money!

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