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The Personal Shopper Agency: How does it work


If you want to start working as a personal shopper in the Personal Shopper Agency but still don’t know much about how it works, we want to tell you everything you need to know about our personal shopping agency, so that you can be sure and apply to become a personal shopper.

Keep reading and clear your doubts!

  1. Expertise and consistency
  2. Training and building a VIP profile
  3. An exclusive extra job
  4. High remuneration

Expertise and consistency


The Personal Shopper Agency has 15+ years of experience in luxury shopping, training our personal shoppers to become expert buyers for limited series luxury items and pleasing our VIP clients all over the world. Our agency specializes in highly-coveted luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Goyard, Chanel, Dior, Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, etc.

It must be clarified that The Personal Shopper Agency is not affiliated with any of these brands and it doesn’t represent them or work for them. We are an independent service that provides an easier and faster way to purchase limited and exclusive products for busy clients who can’t visit the official stores.

Our consistency, efficiency, and dedication have been testified by all of our clients during all these years, proving that we can provide a professional, discreet, and luxurious service to anyone who needs it, while we give plenty of opportunities to our employees and possibilities to grow.

Training and building a VIP profile


Once our personal shoppers become part of our team of over 500 buyers, we invest in them and train them to become fine shoppers with a VIP profile. Our agency’s representatives work closely with every personal shopper to provide skills and tips to perform better service, allowing them to build a VIP profile in the most important luxury stores throughout Europe.

The VIP profile is built through the visit to the same stores over and over again, to buy non-limited products and create credibility as an important client, being noticed by the salespeople that work in each store, and being taken into account when asking for an exclusive product in the future.

After at least 4 visits to the official stores, our personal shoppers start asking for exclusive products and they are more likely to get them in the few next visits. Therefore, they build a profile to gain access to products faster than a regular client, and they can find the products requested by the agency’s customers.

An exclusive extra job


If you have already worked as a personal shopper, you must be asking yourself if you can still work at the Personal Shopper Agency while working with other agencies or concierge services, the answer is no. Our personal shopper position is an exclusive extra job because of the following reasons:

  • Other agencies may damage your VIP profile: In our agency, you get to do basic services first before asking for exclusive items, which means your profile evolves naturally, as if you were a regular client; while in other agencies or concierges, you may be requested only for exclusive services. This may damage your profile at the stores you visit since the store’s managers may not want to sell you any more exclusive items because you don’t buy regular items. This will affect your VIP profile and the effort our agency has put into building it with you.
  • Finding exclusive products is difficult: if you don’t have any previous purchases in a brand’s store, it will be very difficult to obtain an exclusive item. Some agencies may allow you to visit stores many times before purchasing a limited product, but in most of these services, you won’t get paid until you receive the exclusive item. This is not the case in the Personal Shopper Agency, where you will always get paid, each time you visit an official store.

This is why it is not possible to have a personal shopper job at our agency while holding a personal shopper job with another concierge or agency. If you only work with the Personal Shopper Agency you will be able to obtain all the benefits you deserve and create a natural VIP profile with our specialized training and support.

High remuneration


At the Personal Shopper Agency, we focus on providing our personal shoppers with fair remuneration, proportional to the effort they make attending each store and buying either basic products or exclusive ones. That’s why the agency adapts each year to improve the payment for each service made by the personal shoppers.

The personal shopper job at our agency is the best-paid extra job of the moment, with an average of €100 per hour. Each personal shopper can perform one to two services per month, to keep this activity as an extra way to get income, instead of turning it into a job.

By performing a maximum of two services per month, your earnings still count as extra income, therefore you won’t have to declare them in your yearly taxes and lose a percentage of what you have earned.

If you want to get a broader view of the money you can earn as a personal shopper at our agency, here is an estimate:

Basic service: €90 to €130 per service.
Special service: €750 to €2,500 per service.

So, what do you think of our Personal Shopper Agency?

If you want to learn a little bit more about how the services work at our agency, click here and find out.

Do you want to become a personal shopper at our agency but you’re still not sure?Follow this linkand read about our free webinar to learn everything you need to know before applying.

And if you want to apply to be part of our team right away, click hereand fill out the form with your information, our Human Resources representative will contact you very soon.

Dare to become a professional personal shopper with The Personal Shopper Agency!

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