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Hire a Personal Shopper in Europe

If you’re looking to hire a personal shopper or a personal shopper service in Europe, we are here to clear all your doubts and present you with a perfect opportunity to find a personal shopper for hire based in Europe. Discover the advantages of hiring a personal shopper and take the step to a more comfortable and positive shopping experience.

Keep reading and discover the best personal shopper service in Europe!

  1. What does a personal shopper do?
  2. How does the personal shopper service work?
  3. Why use a personal shopper? 
  4. Can everyone have a personal shopper?
  5. How to find a personal shopper?
  6. How to hire a personal shopper?
  7. How much does it cost to have a personal shopper?
  8. Advantages of hiring a personal shopper
  9. The best personal shopper service


What does a personal shopper do?


A personal shopper is a professional that shops for their clients in order to provide better accessibility to limited-edition and exclusive products, as well as a comfortable shopping experience. There are many types of personal shoppers, but the luxury personal shoppers are the ones that are more in demand in the last decades, as they are needed to gain access to exclusive fashion brands’ products.

Personal shoppers are in charge of going to luxury brand’s official stores and looking for the products that their clients require, based on their preferences, sizes and desires. The personal shopper buys exactly what the client is looking for and ships it directly to their home in little time. 


How does the personal shopper service work?


The personal shopper service entails satisfying the clients needs and getting them closer to the products they have been looking for. The service starts by contacting The Personal Shopper Agency and detailing everything about the products they are looking for. It must be noted that we only work with luxury shopping, and we are able to look for exclusive items that are difficult to access at stores.

After the accessories have been specified, the agency assigns the task to one of our 500+ personal shoppers around Europe, and they schedule it to be done as fast as possible. The personal shopper goes to the luxury stores and purchases the product, then they prepare the shipment to our headquarters, where we inspect the product thoroughly and include all the authenticity documents to certify genuineness. 

Finally, we ship the product to your home or office as you have instructed, and you can enjoy it in no time. Our personal shopper service is fast and reliable, as we work with experienced shoppers distributed in many European cities, and we make sure to always check every single product upon arrival. We are experts with 15+ years of experience!


Why use a personal shopper?


At this point you might be wondering if you really need a personal shopper, and there are some questions you need to ask to know for certain if our service is exactly what you need. Here we show you when to hire a personal shopper:

  • If you don’t have time to go shopping: Whether you’re a busy person because of your working schedule, or you have to do many activities a day, you might not have the time to go shopping for the things you need or for gifts for your loved ones. This is when a personal shopper is your ideal choice, so you don’t have to worry about shopping and you can focus on your tasks. We take care of it!
  • If you can’t get access to the products you want: There are also situations in which you have gone to the official luxury brands’ stores and you find yourself with the impossibility to purchase the products you want. This is mainly due to exclusivity and a restricted supply. However, a personal shopper can easily gain access to these exclusive or limited-edition products, so you don’t have to visit the stores a million times to get what you want, but only hire a personal shopper to find it for you.
  • If you can’t go to official luxury stores: Sometimes you live in a city where there is no presence of luxury stores in the area, or you have to take a long ride to reach one of these stores. This is why you can’t visit them regularly or at all. Hiring a personal shopper is ideal for you, as they are distributed all around Europe, making it easier for them to reach a great number of stores in little time, getting access to more varied stocks and exclusive products, as they are not limited to a single store.
  • If you need guidance when luxury shopping: Even if you’re a luxury fashion connoisseur, sometimes you still may need some guidance regarding certain accessories that you want to purchase. At The Personal Shopper Agency we can offer you advice at any moment to help you choose the right luxury gifts for your loved ones or help you pick your next luxury investment.


Can everyone have a personal shopper?


Although the image of personal shoppers is often related to celebrities or socialites, they are professionals that can be hired by anyone that needs their service. So yes, everyone can have a personal shopper, you only need enough money to hire the service and the need for luxury products that you can’t go and buy yourself.

The personal shopper service has become a more common necessity in the last few years, especially with the rise of technology and the need to stay at home or do everything comfortably and faster. People are recurring to these services to make their life easier and obtain what they want without extra effort on their part. Having a personal shopper doesn’t make you lazy and it is not a waste of money, as aside from buying the products for you, personal shoppers also gain access to exclusive items that not everyone can get, so it is indeed a necessary service that provides an easier way to buy luxury items.


How to find a personal shopper?


Finding a personal shopper for hire is easier than you think. There are two main ways in which you can find personal shopper services and we will show you down below, so you can choose the type of service that best suits you. These two options can easily be found online from the comfort of your home. Here are two ways to find a personal shopper:

  • Look for an independent personal shopper: there are many personal shoppers for hire online that offer their individual services to each customer. They are people that have built a reputation on their own and created their business. Although these personal shoppers can be hired for specific shopping needs, they can't always cover a bigger ground and go to many different luxury stores in several locations, as they are based in a single city. Depending on their demand, there may also be a waiting list to access their services, and for this reason they may not work for a single client long-term, but only on shorter or occasional services.
  • Look for a personal shopper agency: there are also many different personal shopper agencies online to hire these services. The Personal Shopper Agency is one of the best in Europe, with a higher reach to different cities and therefore, luxury stores. The amount of personal shoppers working for our agency ensures that you can ask for as many products as you want for as long as you want. We can cover all of your shopping and become your customized personal shopper service. The Personal Shopper Agency has wide experience in luxury shopping and we are ready to offer you advice aside from shopping services.


How to hire a personal shopper?


Hiring a personal shopper is very easy nowadays, you only need to do an online research and decide which option you need, either an independent personal shopper or a personal shopper agency. Once you have picked the one that best suits your needs, you can follow the next steps:

  • Communicate your needs: before hiring a personal shopper or an agency you need to talk to them about your needs, what do you expect of the service and if you’re going to need a specific purchase, or you require a long-term and ongoing service. This way you know if they can meet your requirements.
  • Ask for the products you desire: once you have agreed on the type of services you need, either occasional or long-term, you can then start asking about the products you want to purchase. Personal shopper agencies with experience, or individual personal shoppers should know enough to understand the products you refer to and give you more information about them. They can let you know if they are easily accessible at the moment, or if they are limited, and which sizes, colors and choices you have to pick from.
  • Set a time limit to obtain your product: set an estimated limit in which you want to receive your product, sometimes you may need it sooner, or sometimes you may be able to wait as long as it takes, it all depends on you as a client and your needs. With this deadline in mind, the personal shopper agency or the individual personal shopper can let you know if the service is possible to do, and will also give you an estimate and their timeline depending on how they operate. Remember to set a realistic timeframe, never expect the product to be delivered the next day, as these services rely on shipping companies, which can make it unpredictable.


How much does it cost to have a personal shopper?


The price to hire a personal shopper depends on many factors, mainly in the cost of living in each city and how easy it is to access the luxury stores. An average estimate would be $75 to 100$ an hour, but it all depends on the specific independent personal shopper or the agency.

At The Personal Shopper Agency, our service is personalized and customized to the clients’ needs, this is why the price can vary depending on the amount of products they want to purchase, the timing and for how long they will need the service. Specific cities or zones can also vary in price depending on the cost of living and the difficulty to reach exclusive products at stores.


Advantages of hiring a personal shopper


Hiring personal shopper services can be a great relief for you and your family, as you can do your regular luxury purchases without worrying or losing too much time. Here we show you some of the advantages of hiring a opersonal shpper, so that you see the benefits that it can bring you:

  • Shopping management: Sometimes shopping can be overwhelming, especially during holiday seasons and upcoming important occasions. By hiring a personal shopper service you can easily put the responsibility in the hands of professionals that can manage your shopping, find everything you need in less time and meet the deadline.
  • More free time and less stress: By not having to do the shopping yourself, you can get back some of your time to enjoy it with loved ones and dedicate it to your hobbies. You can leave stress aside and sit back to wait for your products without having to leave your home or spend hours walking around stores.
  • A reliable and quick service: Hiring a trustworthy personal shopper service can be of great help to relax and forget about all the processes to purchase a luxurious product. You can rely on experts to do this job and you will get faster results than doing it yourself.
  • Immediate access to exclusive products: If you’re struggling to purchase an exclusive or limited-edition product that you want desperately, you can rest assured that a personal shopper service can find it, buy it and ship it to your location in no time. You won’t have to deal with waiting lists on luxury brand stores or rude salespeople that won’t let you access what you want. 


The best personal shopper service


The Personal Shopper Agency is a service designed for you, thought for your comfort, satisfaction and happiness. We are an agency with more than 15 years of experience in luxury shopping, with 500+ personal shoppers distributed all around Europe to give you the best personal shopping services in an efficient, fast and easy way.

Although our agency is based in Europe, we work with clients all over the world and we do worldwide shipments. Here are the European cities in which our personal shoppers operate:

  • Hire a personal shopper in Milan
  • Hire a personal shopper in Paris
  • Hire a personal shopper in Lisbon
  • Hire a personal shopper in Barcelona
  • Hire a personal shopper in Madrid
  • Hire a personal shopper in Bordeaux
  • Hire a personal shopper in Lille
  • Hire a personal shopper in Strasbourg
  • Hire a personal shopper in Lyon
  • Hire a personal shopper in Aix en Provence
  • Hire a personal shopper in Marseille
  • Hire a personal shopper in Dublin
  • Hire a personal shopper in Luxembourg
  • Hire a personal shopper in Turin
  • Hire a personal shopper in Milan
  • Hire a personal shopper in Padua
  • Hire a personal shopper in Venice
  • Hire a personal shopper in Bologna
  • Hire a personal shopper in Florence
  • Hire a personal shopper in Rome
  • Hire a personal shopper in Naples
  • Hire a personal shopper in Munich
  • Hire a personal shopper in Stuttgart
  • Hire a personal shopper in Baden Baden
  • Hire a personal shopper in Nuremberg
  • Hire a personal shopper in Frankfurt
  • Hire a personal shopper in Berlin
  • Hire a personal shopper in Hamburg
  • Hire a personal shopper in Brussels

Our agency works tirelessly to find all the products you require at a fast pace, thinking about your satisfaction and needs. We are experts in the following brands: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Goyard, Chanel, Dior, Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, etc. It is worth noting that we are not affiliated with any brand nor do we represent any of them. We work independently but look after your interests as a client, we want you to have your favorite luxury products without waiting lists or any other inconvenience.

We are the ideal service for e-commerce luxury stores that need a supplier for their stock. At The Personal Shopper Agency we give you a special price of €30 per item in big volume orders. We provide a perfect tool for your business and support your growth.

At The Personal Shopper Agency we are a legal and professional company, you can request references from our clients and locate our lawyers and accountants. If you hire us you will access a trustworthy and private service, avoiding other personal shopper services or individuals that may impose a threat for scams or counterfeited products. We always provide all the authenticity documents with all your purchases, so you can certify that your products are 100% genuine.

If you’re looking for a real, fast, reliable and professional personal shopper service, The Personal Shopper Agency is your ideal choice.

Contact us right now to start your journey towards an efficient way to buy luxury products from home!