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What is a personal shopper?


If you have clicked on this post you must be wondering: What is a Personal Shopper? Luckily for you, we will give you all the answers you seek down below.

Learn more about the personal shopper job and why it is considered one of the best extra jobs of the moment, and one of the most fun activities that you can do to obtain extra income in the long run.

  1. What is a Personal Shopper?
  2. Types of Personal Shoppers
  3. Responsibilities of a Personal Shopper
  4. The best-paid extra job

What is a Personal Shopper?



A personal shopper is a professional dedicated to buying the products that a client requests, these products can range from luxury items to groceries, gifts, books, clothing, or even more mundane items. Personal shoppers are responsible for attending the stores and looking exactly for the things that the customer needs, following their instructions thoroughly. 

Nowadays, there are several variations of the personal shopper job since it can be applied to any item you can think of, but there are some personal shoppers that are needed for the purchase of exclusive items, so their job needs a little bit more specialization to be done.

Types of Personal Shoppers


As we mentioned above, the personal shopper job can vary greatly depending on the type of item that these people are instructed to buy, so you can find many different types of personal shopper jobs. Next, we will show you some of the most popular ones:

  • Luxury personal shopper: The luxury personal shoppers are responsible for going to the big luxury brand stores to get luxury items for their clients, they usually buy exclusive or limited products that are very hard to get from the official stores. They go to the stores to provide VIP services to their customers. These personal shoppers tend to work in agencies or concierges.
  • Style personal shopper: The style personal shoppers, better known as just personal shoppers, are those who offer a full styling service to their customers, which means they create a new wardrobe for them, based on their preferences and personal styles, giving them a makeover with suggestions on clothing, hairstyling and makeup. These personal shoppers also go to the stores with the clients to advise them and buy with them.
  • Personal assistant and shopper: The personal assistants and shoppers are people trained to serve as a helping hand for busy clients who need someone to take care of their schedule, either personal or work-related. These personal assistants and shoppers may be instructed to go to specific stores to buy items for their clients, the purchases can range from grocery shopping to gift shopping.
  • Real estate personal shopper: The real estate personal shoppers are not very different from real estate agents, but these kinds of personal shoppers are responsible for doing all the job for their clients, which means they look through the different properties with the qualities that their clients described, they visit the places and they choose the best options so the client has the final saying. These personal shoppers do all the visiting and paperwork regarding the property that the client wants to buy.

Check out the types of personal shoppers more closely.

Responsibilities of a Personal Shopper


Regardless of the type of personal shopper job, there are certain responsibilities that a personal shopper must fulfill, here we show you a short list of them so that you can familiarize yourself with this type of job, we will be focusing on the luxury personal shopper job:

  • Follow the clients’ instructions: The clients are always right, so a personal shopper must follow every instruction that the client issues. In some cases, like in luxury shopping, the agency delivers the message from the client to the personal shopper, in either case, it is necessary to comply with every request.
  • Go to the stores requested: Some products are very specific items that must be purchased in particular stores, that’s why the shopper must attend the store that was instructed and not any other store that may have the item, but it may be exposed to counterfeiting or stolen products.
  • Protect and store the product accordingly: Once the purchase has been made, the personal shopper must follow their compromise to protect and store the item until it can be shipped to the client's location. That’s why the personal shopper must not use the product or put it at risk in any way that can affect its physical appearance or integrity.
  • Ship the product safely to its destination: The shipping process is perhaps the most important one since it is the final step before the client can receive their product. This process must be carried out with professionalism and the personal shopper must use the correct labels and follow the instructions of the client or agency to do things right.

The best-paid extra job


Lately, extra jobs have become an important part of the daily life of many people, since extra income can help them improve their quality of life and give them extra money to invest in their future. There are many extra jobs at the moment, but some of them offer better payment than others.

The personal shopper job is one of the best-paid extra jobs of the moment because it consists of an easy task that can be done in your free time, and for which you’re paid a good income a month. And although there are many variations to the personal shopper job, the luxury personal shopper job has the highest payment rate of them all.

It is proven that the luxury personal shopper job can offer earnings of more than €100 per hour, which means that it can be a great source of extra income in the long run and is also one of the best-paid extra jobs. Taking into account that it can be done during your free time, it is a complementary way to get some extra money without stressing that much or relying on fixed working hours.

That’s why we assure you that the luxury personal shopper job is the best extra job at the moment. Apply for a luxury personal job.

Now that you know what a personal shopper is, you can certainly use it to your advantage, and if you’re looking for an extra job with a fun way to get extra income you will know where to look.

Become a personal shopper and get the best-paid extra job!

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