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Webinar: How to be personal shopper


If you want to become a personal shopper and you want to learn more about this extra job, we offer you a perfect way in which you can start exploring the world of luxury shopping, to find out if it is what you’re looking for. Keep reading and find out how to be a personal shopper in the Personal Shopper Agency.

  1. The personal shopper's job
  2. Requirements to become a personal shopper
  3. Webinar: How to be a personal shopper

The personal shopper's job


Personal shopping is a service that has been around for decades, it entails visiting luxury stores and purchasing exclusive items for VIP clients. Personal shoppers are responsible for locating and buying limited-edition items that are not easily available to regular customers.

The personal shoppers also take care of shipping the luxury goods to the clients' destination through shipping services, making sure that the service is completed and the customers are satisfied.

By working as a personal shopper in the Personal Shopper Agency, you will receive the service's instructions and be in constant communication with our representatives, so that you can perform your job accordingly and be supported at every moment.

Requirements to become a personal shopper


Although being a personal shopper doesn’t have restrictive requirements, certain characteristics can make you an ideal candidate to become a personal shopper in the Personal Shopper Agency. Here are some of the requirements to be a good personal shopper in our agency:

  • Be a woman between 45 and 65 years old.
  • Live in important European cities.
  • Be bilingual or fluent in English.
  • Fashion, trends, and luxury brands knowledge. (optional)
  • A good sense of style when dressing.
  • Good communication skills in social situations.

If you consider that you comply with most of these requirements, then you’re an ideal candidate to work as a personal shopper in our Personal Shopper Agency, and you can certainly be interested in our webinar.

Webinar: How to be a personal shopper


To help you achieve your objective of becoming a personal shopper, we want to invite you to be part of our Webinar on how to be a personal shopper. This seminar will give you a better look at the job and help you understand the process of admission, as well as the way the services work in our agency.

Our webinar is designed especially for potential candidates for the personal shopper job, and also for people who want to explore the personal shopping world so that they can have a broader view of how it works and know if it is the right choice for them. The seminar will contain information about luxury brands, how to communicate with salespeople, and how to build a profile as a buyer.

The Personal Shopper Agency webinar will be held every 2 months with a limited number of participants, so if you are interested in learning about the personal shopper job in our agency, and how to be a personal shopper, sign up now for free. Fill out the form with your details and you will be contacted with the confirmation of your participation.

If you have decided that you want to become a personal shopper and want to opt for an interview with our team,click here and fill the form with your information. You will be contacted by our Human Resources representative as soon as possible.

Learn how to be a personal shopper and start your career in the luxury world now!

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