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The personal shopper services: How do they work


The personal shopper job at the Personal Shopper Agency is one of the best-paid extra jobs of the moment, and if you have been thinking of applying, we want to show you the details about the services that you will perform if you become a personal shopper at our agency.

Check it out and learn more about this extra job!

  1. Sporadic services
  2. Purchase instructions
  3. Visiting the stores
  4. Payment and company bank cards
  5. Shipment process
  6. Remuneration

Sporadic services


Before we dive deeper into how the services work in the Personal Shopper Agency, we must discuss the amount of services a personal shopper can perform each month. As a general rule in our agency, personal shoppers perform one to two services per month, this is because of two main reasons:

  1. By doing just two services per month, the job is still considered an extra activity, which means you don’t have to declare your income in your yearly taxes, therefore you don’t lose any percentage of your earnings.
  2. To access the purchase of exclusive items, personal shoppers must create a VIP profile in-store, which is achieved by buying several basic items before asking about the limited items. To be able to create a more natural profile as a regular client, it is best to visit the stores not more than 2 times per month.

This is why the Personal Shopper Agency offers sporadic services that can be done in your free time, or after completing your schedule in your regular job. Let’s remember that the personal shopper job is considered an extra activity to earn additional income each month, but it is not a part-time or freelance job.

Purchase instructions


Before performing a basic or special service, the personal shopper will receive a message from an agency’s representative who is in charge of keeping contact with them and training them to become the best personal shopper. This message will be sent with at least a week of anticipation, to make sure that the shopper has time to schedule their visit to the stores or to know if they will be available to perform the service. This means that if they can’t visit the store the day it is required, they can always decline the service and wait for the next service and its instructions.

The morning of the day of the service, or the previous day, the shopper will receive the instructions for the purchase, they will contain the brand, accessory, model, colors, and other details about the item they need to buy. The shopper must take all the details into account and visit the store during that day when they have the time to do it. If there are any doubts about the purchase, the shopper must ask the agency’s representative to keep good communication and avoid any misunderstandings or mistakes.

Visiting the stores


When visiting the stores, the shoppers must always go to the store they visit regularly depending on each brand, this will ensure that they can build a good VIP profile that will allow them to obtain exclusive items in future visits. Once in the store, the personal shopper should try to speak to the salesperson who has helped them before, this way they can continue to build a good relationship.

They must ask for the items that were instructed to them, with every detail about the color and model, if the item is not available in the exact color that was instructed, the personal shopper needs to communicate with the agency’s representative and wait for their commands on what to do.

Meanwhile, the salesperson will try to offer other options in different models and similar colors, the shopper can send the options to the agency’s representatives and wait for their instructions. Once they receive all the instructions about which item to buy and they get the approval, they must proceed to buy the item.

During the visit to the store, the personal shopper must remain as relaxed as possible and be social with the salesperson, they must not show any signs of being a personal shopper, they must act as a regular client and speak as if the items were meant to be for them or their loved ones.

The visit to the store can take approximately 30 minutes, although it depends if the shopper must perform a basic service or a special service since it can take up more time. It also depends on the time of the year and the store that they visit.

Payment and company bank cards


To purchase the items for the agency, the personal shoppers receive a company bank card with their name. This card is property of the agency and it only entails the funds of the company and not the personal shoppers’. The buyer’s name appears on the card only to make it possible for them to pay and show their ID with it.

At the moment of the payment, the personal shopper needs to know the exact price of the item and ask the agency’s representative to load the company bank card with the exact funds to make the purchase. Once they receive the confirmation that the card is ready, they can use it to pay for the item. After finishing the purchase they must receive the official invoice and the payment ticket from the card alongside the item and all its components.

For safety reasons, the company bank cards can only be used at stores and not at ATMs. If you want to learn everything about the agency’s company bank cards,click here.

Shipment process


The shipment of the items is another important step in the personal shopper's job. To do it, the shopper must obtain a box that can fit the items that were bought, this box can be purchased with the company bank card with an additional loading of the card, although sometimes it is included in the initial loading of the funds for the purchase of the item.

Once the personal shopper has the box and the items in their possession, they need to take pictures of every component of the item, and also the original invoice and payment ticket. This serves as a way to control and check that the items are the ones requested by the client and that everything is in order. These pictures are also needed for the shipment insurance, so they can respond if the box gets lost or if there are any inconveniences.

The personal shoppers will receive a label that they must stick to the finished shipment box with the items and invoices, this label indicates the location of the Personal Shopper Agency offices where we receive the items to inspect them and send them to the clients. The shopper also needs to fill out a form with the details and measurements of the box.

The packaging process of the shipment box will take 30 minutes tops. After the box is completed, the personal shopper will coordinate with the shipment service so they can pick up the box from their home and send it to our office. Every single detail of the shipment is paid for by the company. In the Personal Shopper Agency, we work with shipment services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS.



The remuneration of each service depends on the type of item the personal shopper has to buy. If the client requires a basic luxury product, then the remuneration can vary from €90 to €130 per service. If, on the other hand, the client asks for an exclusive luxury item, the remuneration can range from €750 to €2,500 per service.

As we mentioned before, the personal shopper job is an extra activity to earn additional income, which means that the shopper will only have to visit the stores once or twice a month. The services are done in circuits of 4 basic services, followed by a special service, and then the circuit starts over.

We hope you have learned what you need about the services at the Personal Shopper Agency, now you can take the first step and start your journey to become a successful personal shopper with us.

If you still want to learn a little bit more about this job, we invite you to take our free webinar on how to be a personal shopper, click here and find out about it.

And if you’re ready to apply for the personal shopper job,follow this link and fill out the form with your information, our Human Resources representative will contact you very soon.

Get ready to work as a personal shopper and earn extra income each month!

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