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Personal Shopper: The best extra job


If you have been looking for an easy side hustle that can give you some extra income each month, and you’re passionate about luxury shopping, we want to show you the best extra job of the moment, the personal shopper job.

Next, we will show you why this side hustle is one of the best and it is also highly paid and full of benefits. Don’t miss it and work as a personal shopper!

  1. What is a personal shopper?
  2. Flexible and free schedule
  3. Opportunities to grow
  4. The dream of a fashion enthusiast
  5. The best-paid extra job

What is a personal shopper?


A personal shopper is someone who visits the big luxury stores to purchase exclusive items for their clients, providing a VIP service for those who don’t have the time to go to the stores or who need an expert to locate limited items difficult to find. The personal shopper job also entails the shipping of the purchased items through reliable worldwide shipping services.

Personal shoppers usually work in personal shopping agencies or concierges that train them to become fine professionals, people with knowledge of fashion trends, luxury shopping, and the most coveted exclusive accessories of the moment.

If you want to learn more about what is a personal shopper, follow this link.

Flexible and free schedule


One of the best characteristics of this side hustle is that you can have all the freedom you want to plan your schedule. The personal shopper job is performed in services, so you can always get notified about upcoming services to adapt your schedule and provide the service in the established time frame.

The luxury shopping services are usually done every two to three weeks, so they are sporadic and you can schedule them with time. This means that you can still hold a full time job or a part-time job while being a personal shopper and earning extra income each month.


Opportunities to grow


The opportunities to grow and get a promotion are not always present in an extra job, since it is usually something temporary. However, the personal shopper job can lead you to a higher position if you demonstrate to be a good personal shopper, with attention to detail and an effective way to get exclusive items.

If you manage to get a higher position in the personal shopper job you will be promoted to team leader, managing the services that are performed in your city by a specific group of personal shoppers, so you will have the opportunity to coordinate a team and this will bring a higher payment.

The dream of a fashion enthusiast


If you have always been a fashion enthusiast you will certainly make your dream come true by working as a personal shopper. This side hustle allows you to walk around European cities and high-luxury stores, looking for beautiful and exclusive accessories worthy of celebrities and royalty.

Being immersed in fashion trends will not only make you happier since you're around the things that you enjoy the most, but you will also have a stylish side gig to talk about with your friends. 


The best-paid extra job


And finally, the main element that makes the personal shopper job the best extra job of the moment is its payment. Currently, there are several personal shopper positions online, however, none of them offer a better payment than the Personal Shopper Agency, with an average of 100€ per hour. 

Undoubtedly this side hustle can bring you great remuneration and an overall amazing experience that you’re never going to forget, and this is why the personal shopper job is considered the best extra job.

To learn more about this job and all its details, click here and sign up for our free webinar.

If you are sure that you want to become a personal shopper, apply by following this link.

Work as a personal shopper and enjoy the best extra job!

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