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My experience working as a personal shopper


The world of fashion is an exciting place, a space where you can lose yourself for hours in its trends and always find something new, a daring touch, and endless possibilities for combining styles. But above all things, fashion is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and that's something I learned since I was a teenager, when I kept flipping through the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Bemvestir, and Telva magazines.

A 15-year-old girl who marveled at the influences of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, and Hermès, brands with a long history in the fashion world. However, I never imagined that years later I would be able to walk through the doors of these luxury stores to acquire incredible accessories and that this would also bring me a good income.

Fortunately, I found my dream job and I couldn't be more pleased with it. My name is Renata and here I show you my experiences and first steps in the personal shopper job, to show you that if you are passionate about fashion and luxury, you can also do what I do and enjoy every second of it because it is easier than you think.

  1. The discovery
  2. The decision
  3. The process
  4. The first purchase
  5. The Kelly of Hermès


The discovery


My first approach to the job as a personal shopper came unexpectedly. I remember it was one afternoon, after returning from my job as a dental assistant, I was consulting some of the news of the fashion house Hermès when I found an ad that caught my attention; it was an extra job offer for a personal shopper whose task was to go to the official stores of big brands, to acquire products for the clients of an agency, in exchange for this, the company offered a good extra income.

I remember that the first thing that crossed my mind was: "It's too good to be true". Was someone willing to pay me to go to the stores of my favorite brands to buy clothes and accessories for customers? However, I kept wondering if this was a real job offer, so without having high expectations I filled out the form on their website and stopped thinking about it.

To my surprise, a couple of days later I was contacted by the human resources representative, who offered me an interview via Skype for the next day. I accepted the interview and chatted with him from my car during my lunch break at work.

The Human Resources representative explained everything about the job, and the truth is that it sounded pretty good, the best thing was that the purchases I had to make were sporadic, that is, I could make them without any problems after the end of my regular work day.

So I didn't hesitate and accepted the job offer. It was a dream job for me, plus the extra income was not bad for me at the time.

That same evening I received an email with a detailed contract, but I didn't want to sign it without reading it carefully. My doubts were once again present.

The decision


Needless to say, I couldn't sleep that night, I kept thinking about it; Was it wise to take this job? Could it be a scam? Would I get paid at the end of the month? Would I get in trouble with the law? It was all very confusing, and I still hadn't worked up the courage to finish reading the contract in its entirety. However, while I was pondering all this, I had the idea of sending the contract to my uncle, a lawyer with 35 years of experience, he would know what to do.

So I did, I sent the contract to my uncle the next morning, keeping in mind that maybe it was all a scam and I would have to be disappointed. But to my surprise, that same afternoon I received a call from my uncle, he assured me that everything was in order in the contract and that I could sign it without any problems.

It was just what I wanted to hear, I made the decision, signed the document, and sent it to the human resources representative. There was no turning back.

The process


The next day I received the confirmation of the contract, and soon I was in contact with one of the agency’s representatives. He told me about the operation and processes of each service, confirmed that it would be sporadic, and that I just had to be alert and in contact with them. I also received some guides to the products and the big brands, which fortunately I already knew enough about, I felt completely in my element.

So I prepared myself and read the guides for a week. I was so excited that I would read during my lunch breaks at the dental clinic, and when I got home I would do more research on my own. However, despite the excitement there was something that still made me feel nervous, because of all the things that the representative explained to me. I knew it was not a job to be taken lightly, and as easy as it became for me to go to the stores and purchase the products with the agency’s company card. I still carried a great responsibility on my shoulders, that of making sure the luxury product reached the customer's destination without mishap, shipping it according to the instructions through the international shipping company. I can't deny that this made me feel very anxious.

The first purchase


Finally, a week after signing the contract, I got a call from the representative; it was time to make my first official purchase as a personal shopper in the Agency. He gave me all the details and instructed me to go to the Hermès store in my hometown.

The day before my service, an envelope with the agency’s company card arrived at my door, ready for me to make the purchases. I just had to notify the representative to load the funds at the time of purchase. The relevant labels also arrived for the subsequent shipment of the goods, two Hermès carré silk scarves.

So it was that the next day after finishing my work at the dental clinic, I went to the official Hermès store. While driving I was starting to get anxious, although I had gone through the guides hundreds of times and had the company card with me, I was afraid I would be paralyzed at the moment of truth. But I had to get over my nerves and do the job I had committed myself to.

I finally parked my car and walked to the store, took a deep breath, flashed my best smile, and walked in without a second thought. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of the store's saleswomen, with all the confidence I could muster, I indicated that I wanted to see their carré silk scarves options in the range of colors I had been instructed. The saleswoman was very friendly, led me to a counter, and showed me in detail all the models. Fortunately, there was a pair of silk scarves that were perfect, so without thinking too much I indicated that I wanted to take both.

I did so, and just before proceeding with the payment I sent a message to the representative to credit the funds to the card. All the while worrying that the salesperson would realize that I worked for a personal shopping agency, as the representative had told me that sometimes salespeople avoid dealing with personal shoppers. However, I was lucky and when the funds were on the card, I proceeded to make the payment. The salesperson handed me both silk scarves in their original boxes, properly wrapped, and two official invoices. I put all these details in my handbag, said thank you and left the store. I had the Hermès carré silk scarves in my possession, I couldn't believe it.

I was instantly relieved, but I still couldn't relax. I had to get back to my car soon, go home right away, and prepare the boxes with their labels to ship the products. I couldn't let them get lost or let anyone take them away from me. So I did, returned home early, and without further ado went through the packing procedure, told the representative about everything, and he told me that the next day they would be picked up by the shipping house employees.

I then placed the packages in a safe place in my room, took a shower, and drank a cup of coffee. I had made my first purchase and everything had gone well, or so I hoped. Despite the nerves and insecurities of my first service, I realized that everything was simpler than I thought and that for me, a lover of fashion and trends, having a job like that and being close to what I enjoy, was a privilege and a pleasure. I was satisfied that I had made it, and at that moment I had the impression that everything was going to be fine.

The Kelly of Hermès


After a few more visits to the official Hermès store, where I was able to obtain various products for the customers, the representative told me that it was time to go and buy my first Hermès Kelly bag, which represents one of the most exclusive items of the fashion house, the one I had dreamed of so many times in my teenage years. Now the time had come to get it for customers.

But there was something that worried me deeply, I had had enough time to learn from the guides and the representative had pointed out to me that buying the exclusive Hermès bags was not easy at all, and that only a few lucky customers got one on their visits without getting on the store's waiting list.

With this in mind, and with the fear of failing the agency, I went one afternoon to the official Hermès store, however, to my misfortune it had been raining all day, and that was another point that worried me. How was I going to keep the Kelly bag from getting wet and ruining everything?

I plucked up my courage, took my umbrella, and went straight to the store; I was greeted by the same friendly saleswoman who had served me during my previous visits, I had done my best to be nice and gain her trust, that was another important point to be able to get the luxury items without many problems. So I felt confident that maybe she would not make excuses to sell me the Kelly that the client required.

Without further ado I greeted her politely and indicated my intentions to buy a Kelly bag, she told me to wait a moment and disappeared from my sight. Had I screwed something up? Would she deny me the purchase of the bag? I wasn't sure what to do anymore, so I just waited, pacing back and forth in the store, trying to act normal. During all that time, I communicated with the representative and he told me to wait, so I did.

It was about 15 or 20 minutes before the saleswoman came back, and she told me that it was possible to sell me the Kelly bag, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I thanked her and waited for her to bring the bag in its original box. The saleswoman opened the orange Hermès box and I checked that everything was in order, the Kelly was dazzling, and the joy I felt when I saw it was indescribable.

Finally, she told me the price, and while she created the invoice in the system, I talked to the representative to load the company card. I paid for the Kelly bag, said goodbye to the saleswoman, and held the store bag with both hands. I couldn't contain my excitement.

I grabbed my umbrella, protected the bag with my coat, and ran to my car, luckily the water hadn't affected the purchase at all. I started the car and went home as soon as possible, I prepared the packaging with the tags and the next day the Kelly bag was already on its way to its new owner. The first bag of many.

This was just my first approach and service as an agency’s personal shopper, but there are many moments, fears, and joys that I have experienced in these 4 years of my life. Undoubtedly today I celebrate the day I decided to fill out the form and sign the contract when I decided to take the final step to be part of this luxury team, which gladdens its customers with first-class service.

Working as a personal shopper has further enriched my interest in the world of fashion and exclusivity, it has taught me a lot and at the same time. It has shown me that I am capable of trusting myself and carrying the responsibility that comes with dealing with luxury products like these. It has been an unparalleled experience and a growth opportunity for me.

Today, after 4 years of dedication, I work as a representative and team leader in my city, training new personal shoppers to perform their services flawlessly, and teaching them the ethics and responsibility that comes with this job. And I know that one day they will be in my shoes and will be able to provide their teachings to many other shoppers.

Want to learn more about my experience as a team leader? Follow this link.

If you want to get to know the fabulous world of luxury and big brands and earn extra income in the process, I invite you to apply for the personal shopper job, so you can enjoy the luxury shopping experience firsthand, and it will be your story that you will tell in these lines.

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