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My experience as a team leader in the Personal Shopper Agency


After 2 years of dedication as a personal shopper at the agency, I got my promotion as a team leader in my city, where I have been able to prove that my passion for fashion will never cease to exist and that there is nothing that satisfies me more than the joy of customers receiving their luxury items.

My name is Renata and I want to tell you the story of how I managed to become a team leader at The Personal Shopper Agency, a company that I have worked with for 4 years and that has given me unparalleled opportunities.

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  1. Dedication and responsibility
  2. Leader of an extraordinary team
  3. The perfect job

Dedication and responsibility


My first steps in the world of luxury shopping were somewhat shaky and uncertain. I can't deny that I had many doubts when I started my journey as a personal shopper, first of all, because I thought it was too good a job to be true, and that it was impossible that someone could pay me to acquire luxury products for clients.

However, all my doubts have dissipated over time and I have been able to understand the true purpose of a personal shopper agency; The company is the bridge that connects clients with the most influential fashion houses in the world, it is a gateway that facilitates access to exclusive products that cannot be found so easily. And of course, the personal shoppers are those messengers that make it possible for the customer to get the product.

After my first services as a personal shopper and some mistakes I made, like the time I mixed up the labels and sent two exclusive Hermès bags to the wrong clients, I was able to learn little by little until I became a very dedicated and attentive shopper. I dare say that in 2 years of work, I already considered myself an expert in the subject of brands and products, even in shipping, although it is my least favorite part of the job.

So it was that over time, the representative who supervised me knew it was time to offer me greater challenges and test the skills I had built up during my time as a personal shopper. I would now be in charge of a group of shoppers in my city, which meant that it was my responsibility to guide them to understand the job and do their best.

At that time, when it was announced that I would be promoted to team leader I could not contain my excitement, but after the initial joy, I began to feel nervous. Was I ready to guide others? Would I be successful in this new position? Would I have the ability to teach them as I was taught when I became a personal shopper? All these doubts haunted my mind day and night, but as always, there was only one way to answer them, by continuing to do my job and giving my best.

Leader of an extraordinary team


Finally, the crucial moment arrived. My team leader introduced me to the first shopper that I would guide in her first services, her name was Laura, a rather young girl with no previous experience in the luxury world. At that moment, I considered myself lucky to have been informed about fashion when I started as a personal shopper. Anyway, it was my responsibility to guide her and teach her everything she needed to know so that she would be prepared for her first service in the stores.

So I worked with Laura for a couple of weeks and instructed her on everything she should do on her visits to the luxury stores; the way she should dress, her attitude, and some little tips on how to be friendly with the salespeople, so it would be easier for her to get the items. To my delight, Laura got all the products the customers asked for and in a few weeks, she was able to get her first Hermès Constance bag. It was a success! I was completely proud of her.

As the months went by my team of personal shoppers grew exponentially, I was now in charge of six shoppers, all of them gave their best effort, and despite some stumbles, they managed to get the required products.

During this time my teachings for them went beyond the technical details because I was in charge of teaching them that the purchase of luxury goods is something very delicate and important. It is a simple job in essence, but it requires a lot of responsibility and dedication from the personal shoppers. They must always take care of the products they buy until they are sent to the customer's destination, because anything can happen and by a slight mistake an item valued in thousands of euros can be lost.

Today, all my personal shoppers work flawlessly, in fact, I had the opportunity to promote a couple of them to team leaders, for their great responsibility and good work. All of them are a great example for the new shoppers and put the agency’s name up high, besides all the values it represents. I am very proud of my team and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

The perfect job


Being a personal shopper and now a team leader has been one of the best decisions I have made regarding my working life, and this is due to multiple reasons. But for me, the most important ones are the experience gained from working within the luxury world, and secondly the possibility of becoming an influential customer of the official stores.

In addition to these advantages, the extra income has been extremely useful for me in the months when my regular expenses increase, or when I want to reward my effort with a treat or two. Best of all, I have had no problems with the tax regime in my country and have adapted quite well to declaring my income annually.

However, one of the things I value most about working at the Personal Shopper Agency is that I can organize my time optimally without missing anything in my regular job, and in my position as a leader; I can work in the schedule that suits me best, giving the best of me and without stressing too much. This is without a doubt one of the most valuable points.

Finally, the experience and the satisfaction of being able to lead such a diligent and efficient team of shoppers is another of the great gains I get from working with The Personal Shopper Agency. If I had asked the teenage Renata where she would see herself in 15 years, she would have never imagined how happy she would be.

If you have always dreamed of a career in the world of fashion and luxury, or if you want to combine your regular job with a comfortable occupation that generates extra income, don't hesitate to apply to become a Personal Shopper. I assure you that the possibilities are endless.

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