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Everything about the agency’s company bank cards


If you want to become a personal shopper at the Personal Shopper Agency, but still have some doubts about how the items are purchased, we want to show you the agency’s company bank card and everything regarding its use.

Learn about this system and start your journey as a personal shopper in our professional agency.

  1. What are the agency’s company bank cards?
  2. Who are they for?
  3. How are they used?
  4. The perfect way to use it

What are the agency’s company bank cards?


The cards are the method of payment that the company entrusts to the personal shoppers to complete the purchase quickly and efficiently. These cards help the agency and the shoppers to work simply, their objective is to guarantee the security and organization of the required products.

The company cards are given to the personal shoppers during their introduction to the agency so that they can start efficiently performing their services under the control of the company.

Who are they for?


The agency’s company cards are for personal shoppers, as they’re the ones who will use them to buy the items. It is important to highlight that the company cards do not require the personal shopper’s data, but simply his/her name, which must be reflected on the card, to be able to pay in the stores and show the ID card or identification with the same name of the person making the purchase.

Using a card that is not in the name of the person who is going to pay, runs the risk of being accused of using someone else's card, or of card theft, which could be a great inconvenience. For this reason, it is necessary to identify the card with the name of the person who is going to use it.

The agency does not open a credit account in the name of the shopper or use their balance at any time, it is the opposite, the company gives a bank card to its shoppers so that they can buy the products that are required, without forgetting that the company is the owner of the card and money, and it has absolute control of it.

How are they used?


When a personal shopper is ready to purchase an item, they must communicate with their team leader or an agency’s representative to ask them to add credit to the card. The card will always remain empty and the money will only be credited when the request to load the card is made. In other words, the personal shopper must request the card to be reloaded at the very moment the purchase is to be made.

It should be noted that these cards can only be used in stores, they can not be used in ATMs to avoid any inconvenience. Every operation is controlled in real-time, which means that the company gets notifications of each movement.

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The perfect way to use it


The correct way to use the bank card is to comply with the rules of the card. The following are some information on how to use it:

  • The card must be used only in stores: these cannot be used at ATMs, they are only customized to pay in stores.
  • At the moment of payment, the card must be recharged: Since the card is always empty, when you are going to make a purchase, you must ask for the money to pay and finish the transaction.
  • Use it with control: Although the personal shopper's job is a completely legal practice, some major brand stores prevent personal shoppers from shopping in the stores if they know they are coming from agencies. That's why The Personal Shopper Agency sends shoppers to stores 2 to 3 weeks apart, to avoid problems with salespeople and offer more flexibility to the shoppers.

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