If you’re a true connoisseur of fashion and luxury accessories, you have surely heard that luxury products are an investment, and you may have proven it by now. The luxury market grows every day with exclusive items that keep rising in value, and they are not planning on stopping.

To show you why luxury products are a true investment, we want to give you some reasons and data to look closely into this investment that you can’t miss if you want to make your money worth every single penny.

  1. High and stable value
  2. Exclusivity and prestige
  3. Luxury resale market
  4. Generate passive income with luxury items


High and stable value


One of the main characteristics of luxury accessories is that most of them have high, stable, and growing values that are maintained over time. Certain fashion brand items can hold up their value in resale markets and auctions, and even double it or triple it with time.

The best example of this is the Birkin bag from Hermès, a high-end French luxury brand. The Birkin bag has the most outstanding curve or growing value in the history of exclusive accessories. Since its inception 39 years ago, the Birkin bag has achieved a 500% revaluation, and it is estimated that this luxury item will continue to gain value over the next 10 years.

This proves that exclusive accessories can reach an incredible value in the resale market and important auctions such as the British house Christie’s. Investing in a bag from Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or any other big luxury fashion brand will certainly allow you to regain at least twice the value you paid for them.

It is also worth noting that the investment in luxury is a very stable market, which means that it doesn’t fluctuate regularly, and if it does, it always benefits the investor. It has been proven that the luxury market is way more profitable and stable than investing in gold.

Exclusivity and prestige


The most valuable luxury items have gained their revaluation in part thanks to the exclusivity and prestige of the fashion brands they represent. These luxury brands not only have years of history and quality that show on their products, but they also know how to exploit the exclusivity factor.

This means that they play with the high demand for their accessories and make them more difficult to obtain, therefore creating a higher demand that increases the value of the products in the second-hand and resale luxury market.

The factor of exclusivity and the few quantities of bags or luxury accessories handcrafted each year make them even more rare and impressive when stumbling upon them. This is why some of the accessories with exotic materials, especially handbags, reach higher values than any other luxury item.

The prestige of owning a luxury accessory also adds to the mix, since these items have always represented an improvement of social status in the eye of the world. Thousands of celebrities, socialites, and even royalty members have used exclusive luxury items, taking even further the prestige image and the desire of everyone to own at least one.

Luxury resale market


Because of the difficulty of accessing exclusive luxury accessories, desperate fashion enthusiasts rely on different methods to purchase highly-coveted items; one of them is the luxury resale market, which not only bears pre-loved or used items but also offers items in really good condition.

If you are the owner of an exclusive item and you want to regain what you invested in it, you can always sell your items in the luxury resale market. Depending on the condition, the exclusivity, and the materials, you can obtain double or triple the amount you paid.

The luxury resale market is varied and it can be accessed in different ways. For example, there are several luxury resale marketplaces online that allow owners of the items to put them for sale. There are also specialized luxury resellers with recurrent clients who rely on them to find the products that they want.

Although the luxury resale market offers an alternative for those who can’t access exclusive items from the official stores, it can also be very insecure, since the counterfeiting and scamming of the luxury market is well-known, with very good fake bags that can pass as authentic and jeopardize the investment made on them.

This is why it is not wise to completely trust the luxury resale market to buy, and if in need to buy an exclusive item, it is better to rely on professional shopping services from the hands of a trustworthy agency. If you want to buy a limited exclusive item, click here and hire our personal shopping services.

Generate passive income with luxury items


Because of the great demand for these accessories and how rare it is to find them, their value will constantly reach higher points and keep being stable with time. This is a great opportunity for luxury item owners to generate passive income with their investments.

By investing in exclusive luxury accessories, keeping them in good condition, and selling them in the years to come, you can always have a safe return on the money you spend, often multiplying thanks to the revaluation of luxury items. If you learn how to buy and sell your items at the right moment, you can seize your money and make it worth it with time.

Now that you know why luxury products are an investment, we want to aid you in finding your favorite luxury products without having to rely on luxury resale marketplaces and risking a scam. Our Personal Shopper Agency visits the official stores of the brands to find the items that you need in a fast and efficient way.

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