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Goyard Luggage: The Best Luxury Luggage


Since its founding in 1853, Goyard has not just been a luggage and handbag brand, but a symbol of luxury and sophistication for connoisseurs around the world. With pieces that go beyond simple accessories, each Goyard bag undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process and quality control to elevate it to the status of a luxury brand.

In this post, we will take you on a journey from the beginnings of this iconic luxury house, through the vision of its creator, to how Goyard has remained an undisputed reference in the universe of luxury handbags. If you appreciate elegant luggage pieces and enjoy investing in accessories that manifest a high status, we invite you to discover more about the fascinating history of Goyard. Keep reading to delve into the exclusive world of one of the most revered luxury brands.

  1. Beginnings and History of Goyard
  2. What Are Goyard Pieces Made Of?
  3. Goyard Product Range
    1. Handbags
    2. Other Goyard Products

Beginnings and History of Goyard


Originally from France, this emblematic brand was founded in 1853 by François Goyard in Paris, on Rue Saint-Honoré. However, Goyard's legacy begins even earlier, as François took the reins of Maison Morel, founded by his predecessor Pierre-François Martin in 1792, who was the inventor of the concept of "modern trunks."

From its inception, Goyard specialized in manufacturing high-quality travel products, distinguished by its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its first products were trunks and travel cases, designed to be both functional and extraordinarily elegant, meeting the needs of the elite travelers of the time. These items were not only practical but also status symbols, customized for each customer with the iconic "Y" pattern that would soon become synonymous with the brand.

Goyard's evolution was marked by its ability to adapt and respond to the changing demands of its customers, always maintaining an unsurpassed standard of quality. Over the years, the product range expanded to include handbags, small leather goods, and pet accessories, each reflecting the innovative spirit and savoir-faire of the fashion house. Goyard's exclusivity is also reinforced by its focus on direct sales and customization, rejecting mass marketing in favor of a more intimate and personalized experience for each customer.

The story of Goyard is, essentially, a narrative of how a leather goods house became a global icon of luxury, preserving its heritage and craftsmanship while adapting to modern times.

What Are Goyard Pieces Made Of?


Goyard stands out in the world of luxury not only for its exclusive designs but also for the meticulous use of the highest quality raw materials in the manufacturing of its pieces.

The most important and distinctive component in most Goyard products is its coated canvas, known as Goyardine. This canvas is lightweight yet extremely durable, and its distinctive "Y" pattern is inspired by the brand's family history and its connection to logistics and packaging. Goyardine is an exclusive material of the brand, manufactured through a complex and nearly secret process involving layers of hand-painted paint on linen and cotton canvas, creating a waterproof and durable finish.

In addition to Goyardine, Goyard uses calf leather, known for its softness and strength, and goat leather, valued for its fine texture and durability. These leathers are used both in the external construction of the pieces and in the interiors, offering a luxurious feel and a refined aesthetic.

For details and finishes, Goyard carefully chooses other premium materials, such as rosewood and ebony for the handles and closures of its most exclusive trunks and bags, as well as custom metal hardware that complements and enhances the design of each piece.

Goyard Product Range

Goyard is renowned for its wide and exclusive range of products, each reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of the brand. Here we show you some of the best Goyard products, so that you can see the great variety of luxury luggage you can purchase. What range of products does Goyard offer?



Goyard is perhaps best known for its elegant handbags, including tote bags and more structured models. The handbags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, suitable for different occasions and needs. The most sought-after models by brand connoisseurs are:

  • Saint Louis: The Saint Louis tote is perhaps Goyard's most recognizable bag, famous for its lightweight, versatility, and iconic coated canvas pattern. It is perfect for daily use and is available in a variety of colors.
  • Saigon: The Saigon combines wood with Goyard's traditional coated canvas, resulting in a structured handbag that evokes vintage style and timeless elegance.
  • Anjou: The Anjou stands out for being reversible, offering two looks in one: one side with Goyardine coated canvas and the other with smooth leather. It is a versatile and stylish option for various occasions.
  • Belvedere: The Belvedere is a messenger bag with a distinctive clasp closure and an adjustable strap, ideal for those looking for comfort without sacrificing style.
  • Artois: The Artois is similar to the Saint Louis but with additional features such as a zipper closure and reinforced corners, making it more durable and secure for daily use.
  • Senat: The Senat is a clutch or pouch in various sizes that serves as an organizer inside other bags or as an elegant accessory on its own.
  • Cap Vert: The Cap Vert is a practical and compact shoulder bag, perfect for carrying the essentials with style and comfort.
  • Vendome: The Vendome is a sophisticated handbag with a rigid structure, lock, and key, reflecting Goyard's craftsmanship.

Other Goyard Products


  • Suitcases: Goyard's heritage as a luggage manufacturer is reflected in its range of suitcases, designed for the modern traveler who does not want to sacrifice style. The suitcases combine functionality with Goyard's classic design.
  • Trunks: Goyard's trunks are collectible pieces and symbols of the brand's rich history in luxury luggage manufacturing. Handmade and custom-designed, these trunks are both practical for travel and decorative.
  • Small travel bags: For short trips or as a complement to the main luggage, Goyard offers a selection of small travel bags, such as toiletry bags and shoe bags, that maintain the brand's aesthetic and quality.
  • Travel accessories: Including luggage tags, passport covers, and travel organizers, Goyard ensures that even the smallest details reflect luxury and practicality.
  • Wallets and small leather goods: Goyard also offers a variety of wallets, coin purses, cardholders, and more, all made with the same care and attention to detail as their handbags and luggage.
  • Pet accessories: Reflecting the growing demand for luxury pet products, Goyard has a line of accessories that includes collars, leashes, and carrying bags, allowing pets to travel in style just like their owners.

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