If you have been looking for a personal shopping service that can handle the purchase of your favorite luxury items, we want to present to you our professional agency and its advantages, so that you can take the first step towards a more comfortable life and gain access to the exclusive products you want.

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  1. What is the Personal Shopper Agency?
  2. Advantages of our services
    1. Shopping management
    2. Quick and private service
    3. Access to exclusive brand items
    4. Ideal for luxury e-commerce
    5. Experts in luxury shopping

What is the Personal Shopper Agency?


The Personal Shopper Agency is a shopping service designed for important or busy people who can’t visit the official stores of luxury brands. Our service focuses on providing a secure and fast purchase made by expert personal shoppers who know every detail about luxury brands and their products.

Our agency offers shopping management and assistance with luxury purchases, toaid our clients in their search for valuable and limited products that are not easily accessible by visiting the stores. Our team of personal shoppers in Europe will locate and purchase the products you request in no time, shipping the goods directly to your location, with all the pertinent authenticity documents.

The Personal Shopper Agency also offers the buying and shipping service for luxury e-commerce stores, providing special prices for the items and shipping them in larger batches to reduce shipping costs.

Advantages of our service

To help you understand our services more appropriately, we will share the advantages of hiring our Personal Shopping Agency to fulfill your needs.

Shopping management


If you struggle with time management for your luxury purchases and you have trouble completing a shopping list during holidays, you certainly need a personal shopper to manage your shopping. In our agency we offer you a great management service, taking away all the stress you feel. Our professional shoppers can manage and perform purchases quickly and effectively.

The Personal Shopper Agency has a team of over 500 buyers all around Europe, so we can cover all your requests and find exactly what you want in a short time. By hiring our agency, you won’t have to visit every store and look for the items that most of the time you can’t have access to.

Our agency also specializes in managing the purchases for wealthy people, celebrities, and socialites, to provide a VIP service and take away the task of going shopping. Our service is designed to provide comfort and solutions for people looking to buy exclusive items.

Quick and private service


Your privacy is our priority, by hiring our Personal Shopper Agency you can obtain the items that you need most discreetly and privately, offering you complete anonymity and security. Our team visits the stores for you and purchases the items in the name of the agency, so you won’t have to provide any additional information about yourself.

The personal shopping service in our agency is one of the fastest there is. We locate and purchase the item you require in a short time thanks to our great number of shoppers in Europe, and we then ship it straight to your preferred address, so you can have the item in just a few days, instead of waiting up to three years in the regular method of luxury brands’ official stores.

Access to exclusive brand’s items


Our agency specializes in the most valuable and exclusive luxury items, finding them for our clients in all the official stores located in Europe. If you have been looking for a specific exclusive item and you haven’t been lucky to get it, with our service you can just make a request, sit back, and wait a few days to have it delivered to your doorstep.

The expertise of our agency allows our shoppers to build a VIP profile in luxury stores, giving them access to thousands of exclusive products that are not easy to purchase for regular clients. Thanks to this method, our agency can find and purchase the items you want without limitations and at a fast pace.

Ideal for luxury e-commerce


If you have a luxury e-commerce site and you want to sell the luxury items you purchase, our agency offers you interesting solutions so that you can get all the products you need. We offer you special prices per volume of the items you buy and ship them together in bunches, to reduce the shipping costs, making it easier for you to obtain everything for your store.

This way you don’t have to struggle to find the items for your store, look for trustworthy luxury resellers, or visit all the luxury stores to get exclusive items that are hard to get. Rely on our personal shopping service and improve your business.

Experts in luxury shopping


The Personal Shopper Agency has 15+ years of experience in big luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Goyard, Chanel, Dior, Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, etc. This means that our personal shoppers are experts in each of these brands and their most influential and exclusive products.

Our team of personal shoppers is qualified to identify every accessory and find limited edition items faster than any other personal shopping service. In the Personal Shopper Agency, we have dedicated our life to studying each aspect of luxury accessories and their signs of authenticity.

It must be clarified that the Personal Shopper Agency is not affiliated with any fashion brand and we don’t represent them, we simply provide a comfortable service to purchase luxury exclusive products for our clients.

Now that you have seen the advantages of hiring our Personal Shopper Agency, we are completely at your service for any purchase that you need to make.

If you want to hire a personal shopper from our agency to carry out and manage your shopping, click here.

Hire the Personal Shopper Agency and get your exclusive items comfortably!

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